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Bolt (License: Free)

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Bolt is a feature rich CMS built in PHP on top of the Silex framework and uses a lot of the core Symfony components. Silex and Symfony are both highly regarded as PHP frameworks. Features of Bolt include:

  • Uses Twig for its templates. A very elegant, flexible and concise templating language, that allows you to write templates the way you want. You don’t have to know PHP or know how databases work in order to get whatever content you need from the backend.
  • Flexible taxonomies. There’s a flexible system for all kinds of taxonomies, groups and tags. Create different “types of categories” or create groups of tags can be shared between different contenttypes, you can customize all you want.
  • Bolt’s configuration is stored in Yaml files. Use these to completely define Bolt, the contenttypes, the taxonomy and the routing. Yaml is very easy to read and understand.
  • The SimpleForms extension makes it easy to add any kind of form. It’s very flexible, allowing you to add as many or as little fields as you want. Forms can be emailed and/or stored in the database for reference.
  • Flexible contenttypes allow you to use all kinds of different fields to create different types of content: pages, blog entries, events, book reviews or whatever you can think of. And all in a editable YML-file.
  • Debug Bar. Quickly see which routes were matched, which variables are set, which templates were used and such? No problem, Bolt comes with a custom version of the Symfony debug bar.
  • Use different types of fields in your content. Titles, select-boxes, checkboxes and textareas, but also specialized fields like our Geolocation field or the Video-embed field, that automatically gets meta-information and thumbnails from Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr or Instagram.
  • Custom routing and redirection. Create meaningful urls like /about/me or blog/lorem-ipsum. And if you’re moving from your old site, use the Redirector extension to create nice 301 redirects and keep you Google ranking and incoming links intact.
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