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Expression Engine (License: Commercial)

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Expression Engine is a flexible CMS that separates content from site structure and style, allowing you freedom in massaging and customizing how your site content gets shown. As such when you install EE, you start with no predefined page templates other than an index template. Create additional templates to house content in different ways, such as a "category" template to list contents as a group, or an "entry" template to show the actual content in full. For those people coming from a CMS such as Wordpress, Expression Engine is very different, and a lot more flexible once you get the hang of it.

EE Features

  • Multiple Channels and custom site sections
  • Custom Entry Fields
  • Pagination including article pagination
  • PHP and mysql queries inside templates
  • Extensive caching functionality of templates and page components.
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It’s a great CMS.

By CMS Admin's avatar CMS Admin on 2015 10 29

Another comment here

By CMS Admin's avatar CMS Admin on 2015 10 29
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