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Ghost (License: Free)

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An open-source, node.js based CMS. A free downloadable and hosted pro versions are available. Some features of Ghost are:

  • Split-screen editor, with Markdown syntax on the left and a live preview on the right, allows you to type and format your writing on-the-fly.
  • Allow team members to get involved writing about the areas they specialize in with collaboration features.
  • Browse through your content in the same way you’re used to browsing through your email. Stay in total control of your workflow.

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  • @JarianGibson We are hoping to add more support for it in the future! 😊 3 hours ago
  • @JarianGibson Hey Jarian! 👋 SSL is only available on Ghost(Pro) if using Cloudflare at the moment. 4 hours ago
  • @0x86DD Hey James! There is no way to upgrade via the admin area, but where was your install? 😊 7 hours ago
  • @cruuu Hey there! 👋 On Ghost(Pro) the login url is always your url, i.e. 9 hours ago
  • @imkiru_ For support outside of the recommended stack, you can alway swing by our Slack page, and post to #help 😊 18 hours ago
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good product

By crys marye on 2016 11 18
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